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Teamcations at Winters Brook

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In this post covid Era, we all find it clear that a lot of companies small or big, struggle in ways to Hire new talent and retain the existing talent. Multiple organizations are coming up with various offers to make their workplace more attractive & conducive to work. Multiple innovative benefits are being passed to the employees. A new innovative concept experiment as a Teamcation is what My operator & Winters Brook have come up with.

Enjoying Sunset

What is Teamcation?

We all have heard, Vacation, Staycation, and workation. Teamcation is a new concept of taking a team to a workation in a serene place. Generally, small teams that work at the office together can be taken to places like hill stations, beaches, etc where they are stationed for a week or two and continue to explore the area, do activities like trekking, mountaineering, driving, etc, enjoy the barbeque cooking, etc together and also work together as a team as per their daily work schedules.

What makes Teamcation, different from a company retreat?

There are many things that differentiate a Teamcation from a company retreat.

1) Company Retreat focuses more on vacation whereas Teamcation mixes work and retreat together for a team. 2) During Company Retreats, the team which is on a retreat is off work mostly, in Teamcation the team is connected to deliver their assigned projects and work of the company.

3) Activities at times are forced on employees during a company retreat like all members participating in a team-building game etc, Teamcation makes it completely on the individuals to join in the activities that are happening around or they want to start on their own- Like joining everyone for daily morning walks, Treks to mountains, waterfalls, Or planning a solo bike ride, hot spring baths, etc, Starting their own barbeque at any point in the day, Setting up a bonfire, playing music or just doodling whenever they want to. It's all on the people who wish to retreat themselves, we have seen people taking solo walks along the river trails and meditating there for long hours.

 Hiking in Nature

What is something that can be achieved with a Teamcation

Teamcation aims to bring a new order of working in today's work era where remote, hybrid, and onsite work coexists in our society. A team that's always remote can plan a teamcation and work together. Or a team that is Onsite or hybrid, can once in a while plan such workations-packed teamcation. The benefits of such a setup bring out the following benefits for the individuals and the organizations. 1. More Cohesive Teams: Teams who often work at offices are a gang, and have colleagues with whom they meet, chat, and work within an office setup, as that setup changes for a few days in a serene place- people feel more comfortable, and more driven towards each other. Their nearest and most trusted people are their own colleagues in their setup who are with them. This dependency to trust each other to stay together for a while and also enjoy life together builds a chain of trust, transparency, and belief in others. 2. A New approach to solving the issue to hire, retain and also build trust among the new hires the team to previous employees in the team. 3. A drive Healthy lifestyle: People work and they also work out while exploring the nearby areas, drinking the natural mineral water and eating clean food, Enjoying the evenings with their gang - all this secretes that serotonin that your body starts to secrete and make you feel happy for a longer-term. 4. Provide a necessary vacation to people who would have needed it, but have always been working all around the year. 5. Learn new skills, explore & push yourself in nature, meet various people learn about some things which you would have never heard of.

Why Winters Brook (Manali) was chosen as a place for MyOperator Teamcation?

MyOperator team had a few checklists Since This concept is extremely new and they wished to make a difference. Hence they needed someone who understands the organization and also the whole concept of workation and vacations and is a great host. It was a match when they found out Winters Brook Manali, we are Airbnb super hosts with 100% 5-star rating, Nikhil who runs the place is a founder, and has spent over 12 years in corporate and startup life 

It had everything that one would want in a teamcation retreat- Amidst mountains, rivers, and pine forest this serene place is located.

Wifi-internet speed/ Cell Networks were important for the MyOperator team, Winters Brook had power backed up internet setup for seamless connectivity. Major cell networks like Jio/Airtel run smoothly, so this was well taken care of. Food and Stay: An inhouse kitchen with service, housekeeping, and Plush rooms with great views was all taken care of at Winters Brook

How can we keep a tab on all the activities that are happening in this Teamcation with the MyOperator team?

Well, social media is one place where all our activities and member activities will be available. People can follow or handles on social media, follow Winters Brook Handles which will be dedicated to creating all the quirky content during this period. An afterfilm will also be published and shared across. One can also keep a tab with a search for the below hashtags.

My Operator: Instagram, Linkedin handles.

WInters Brook: Instagram , Linkedin handles.

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About MyOperator

MyOperator is India’s leading cloud telephony company helping brands including Lenskart, Sodexo, and Swiggy reimagine communication. Founded by a BIT Mesra graduate, the SAAS start-up now has 200+ employees and 7000+ customers. MyOperator offers a 100% remote-first workplace, flexi-hours, and team time-outs.


MyOperator has partnered with Winters Brook to create an experiential teamcation for its engineering team.  For a week, the MyOperator engineers

will be staying, working, and playing at the exclusive Winters Brook resort at Manali. This is literally taking team bonding to a new high. Want to experience the #MyOLife. Explore careers and more on MyOperator:

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